And it’s small and it’s mean and it’s cold

Dintre concurentele înscrise anul acesta la Annecy, ochioasa Loretta e preferata mea. Zice-aşam:

My name is Loretta but I prefer Lottie
I’m closing in on my fifteenth year
And if you think you have seen a pair of eyes more green
Then you sure didn’t see them around here
My hair is yellow and I’m always a combing

Now I got shrinks that will not rest with their endless Rorschach tests
I keep telling them they’re out to get me
They ask me if I feel remorse and I answer „Why of course!
There is so much more I could have done if they’d let me!”
So it’s Rorschach and Prozac and everything is groovy
Singing La la la la La la la la lie
All God’s children they all have to die.

Să-i ţinem pumnişorii!

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