Paris Review | interviu cu Jonathan Franzen

A apărut şi la noi cel mai recent şi mult aşteptat roman al lui Jonathan Franzen, Libertate. Pe site-ul Polirom puteţi arunca o privire; iar în revista Paris Review puteţi citi un interviu din 2010. Enjoy!

Exhibitionism is a problem for any writer. The craving for an audience, ­coupled with the shame of exposing yourself to it. This is stuff that I was ­always tormented by and have been working through as recently as in Freedom. But I had all the clues I needed in Germany, in Nietzsche: “Everything that is deep loves the mask.”

I’m more envious of music than of any other art form—the way a song can take your head over and make you feel so intensely and so immediately. It’s like snorting the powder, it goes straight to your brain.

I’m reminded of a very earnest young Italian man who came up to me after a reading in Rome at which I’d read some of my breakup stories. He said to me, with this kind of tragic face, “I don’t understand. You’re reading about people who are going through terrible pain, and everyone in the audience is laughing.” I don’t remember what I said to him, but I’d like to think I said, “Exactly.”

restul, aici: Paris Review – The Art of Fiction No. 207, Jonathan Franzen.

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