Aglaya | Trailer

Cică s-a făcut film după viața/cărțile Aglajei Veteranyi. Dacă e să ne luăm după trailer, e exact, da’ exact ce n-ar trebui să fie. Dar să nu ne pripim. Hai să ne pripim după.

Zice că: In the hope of a better life the Hungarian-Romanian family of circus artists escapes from the Ceausescu dictatorship in Romania to the West in the early 1980s. Once here though, if they want to stay in the ring they have to come up with something exotic. The mother devises a special act: she hangs by her hair in the circus dome. However, her daughter Aglaya gets terribly worried that her mother will fall to her death, and this fear becomes an everyday burden for her to bear. Yet one day – following the family tradition – she herself becomes „The Woman with Hair of Steel”. The story is about the members of a refugee family of circus artists, their enforced interdependence, their eventual break-up and the joy and curse of belonging together – all seen from the viewpoint of the young Aglaya.

Text via youtube.

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