Recomandare BG: Sebastian Spanache Trio

Me gusta.

Sebastian Spanache Trio was established in fall of 2011 in Timisoara, Romania with its current line-up (Spanache/Sánta/Pieloiu) – since March 2012.

The three free-thinking musicians are all individually leaders of the next generation of up-and-coming jazz musicians on the Romanian scene, and together form a group with a new take on modern odd-meter song-based improvisation, a group that invites the audience to share in the navigation of their own musical future.

After about a year of preparing their material, in February of 2013 the trio went into the studio to record their first official album ‘HUMANIZED’. From the first bars of ‘Argentina’ you can tell this is not going to be your usual jazz endeavor: the tunes are skillfully crafted, with intricate meters and complex, unexpected forms. The influences borrow from a wide musical palette, with grooves and atmospheres suggestive of ambient or electronic music. ‘Seven is Your Friend’ starts hot only to regain balance within the unique vitality of improvisations, in-the-moment dialogue and attention to the architecture of musical storytelling. And ‘Red’ calls to mind an ethereal journey through present-times music that goes beyond what you would typically hear in a ‘classic’ jazz piano trio.

Sebastian Spanache Trio is now in the studio, recording their second album that will be released this spring – pursuing stage appearances, live performances and recording opportunities on the modern European jazz scene with this new engaging original material.


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